Release 0.1 Blog

The purpose of Release 0.1 was to get comfortable with git. The changes I made to the file in filerjs/filer (tests/spec/fs.symlink.spec.js) was to modernize the use of variable declaration in Javascript. The current file was using “var” and my purpose was to change it to “const” or “let”.

From the experience, I actually learned that “const” or “let” was actually the preferred method for declaring variables. During my times when I was programming in Javascript, I’d blindly use var or let interchangeably. It’s great to know that “const” and “let” explicitly allow programmers to know the state of a variable to prevent future errors.

What I would do differently next time was to carefully proof-read my code multiple times so that I don’t miss out a line of code that was supposed to be changed. This had happened during my experience with Release 0.1 as I let a “var” slip through my very eyes.

The link above is the code that I had reviewed. The changes were correct, but I noticed there were other “var”s that needed to be changed.

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